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White round pill 7.5 printed on one side
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I went and picked up my latest prescription of Metformin the other day and noticed the pills are different. It is a large white pill, round in shape with "70" White round pill 7.5 printed on one side on one .

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What is a round peach color pill with lupin on one side and 10 on the other The KGB Agent answer: Not med advice: Lupin pill,generic for Zestril. Is used to help .

Round white pill scored on one side with 512 stamped on the other side - anyone know what it is? According to the pill identification wizard, it's "Oxycodone And .

What type of pill is round, white, and had 512 printed on it? ChaCha Answer: If there is a horizontal line on the other side then it .

This pill is round, very light yellow (almost white), and it has 7.5 or 75 on one side, and the other side is blank. What could this possibly be?

Archived Results: March 1998 to October 8th 1998. These results have been obtained using home ecstasy testing kits which use a chemical to test for the principal .

I keep seeing IP 190/500 as being naproxen but this is not what I am looking for.I want to know what a long white pill with IP 190 on 1 side and NOTHING AT ALL on the .


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What is a small round white pill. M77 printed on one side? ChaCha Answer: A small round white pill with M77 imprinted on it is 10mg A.

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Is this pill perceden, round off white scored on one side no letter or numbers, do narcotic pills have to have writing on them.

Small orangeish pill White round pill 7.5 printed on one side oval with a M imprint and L 8 imprint on other side also found a white round

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